Alternative Visuals

Alternative Visuals can create a unique ‘flowing presentation’ enhanced with narrative or music –thus creating a customized order to your chaos, without the added cost of photographic reprints. The stored pictures can then be accessed andprinted or sent via e-mail or even made into a screen-saver – – the possibilities are endless!

Alternative Visuals offers many different packages in a cost-effective manner and with the variety of different sized packages available, one stop shopping has a whole new meaning.  From professional sales presentations to marketing/advertising materials and even training and reference tools — Alternative Visuals will save small businesses time and money.

Company materials on CD-rom are more accessible and reliable to customers and, moreprofessional than paper – these materials can be presented easily, (with no extra equipment) at customer sites, sent off for the price of a postage stamp in a direct mail campaign or uploaded to the Internet for national and international prospects and clientele.

With Alternative Visuals’ service, the return on investment can be quickly realized in terms of space, organization and market reach. Perhaps a small business needs a way to make a permanent record of important documentation in a neat, space-saving and portable format, or to reach perspective clients with an elaborate, yet cost-effective multimedia presentation that fits easily in a shirt pocket, costs nothing more than 37cents to mail and is quite easily packaged & distributed.

Alternative Visuals has packages available for models, artists, photographers, hobbyists/collectors/enthusiasts, and much, much more! These customized presentations can help anyone to promote anything that they do, in a creative, compact and cost effective manner.

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