Each package is Customized It’s Personalized, unique and intimate Take with you – It’s transportable Save time & money on postage & reprints Send it to family members far away Requires no special software Very easy to use, view it any time All of our work is GUARANTEED At Alternative Visuals, we can take your

Alternative Visuals

Alternative Visuals can create a unique ‘flowing presentation’ enhanced with narrative or music –thus creating a customized order to your chaos, without the added cost of photographic reprints. The stored pictures can then be accessed andprinted or sent via e-mail or even made into a screen-saver – – the possibilities are endless! Alternative Visuals offers

Multi-Media Brochure

a multi-media brochure is a small round compact disc with a silk-screened image on the face of the CD. the small disc has the advantage of holding a substantial amount of information such as: large catalogs, presentations, software, audio, databases, etc. corporate marketing campaigns, audio CD’s, and software CD-rom’s are the most popular uses for